Institute for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities is run by an educational and charitable society. Contribution by way of membership and the proceeds of the sale of its publications constitute the financial basis for its activities. There are three categories of membership. 1)Generous persons contributing any amount above Rs.25,000/ come under Patron members 2)Institutional life membership is given  to any institution remitting at least Rs.15,000/- 3) Individual life members pay an amount of Rs. 10,000/.  We acknowledge the generosity of the following persons in different categories.  Application for membership is available in “Downloads”.

Patron Members

  1. Dr. Jose Paul (Kerala, formerly  Chairman, Murmagao Port Authority)
  2. H.Grace .Dr.Joseph Powathil(Archbishop Emeritus, Changanassery)
  3. H.E. Dr. Thomas Chakiath(Auxiliary Bishop, Angamaly and Ernakulam Archdiocese)
  4. Dr. JBP More (France)
  5. Rev. Fr. Paulose Pottampazha ( Germany)
  6. Mr. Ajith Balakrishnan(CEO. Mumbai)

Life Members (Institution)

  1. The Librarian Dharmaram Vidya Kshetrm, Bangalore
  2. The principal Jr. College, Bangalore

Life Members (Individuals)

  1. Rev.Dr. M.J.Mani (Formerly principal,Nirmalagiri College,)
  2. Mrs. Accamma George (Nirmalagiri College)
  3. Rev. Dr. Joseph K.Lazer (Formerly principal, Nirmalagiri College)
  4. Dr. M.D Devasia (Nirmalagiri College)
  5. Dr. T.K.Sebastian(Nirmalagiri  College)
  6. Dr.Tessy George (Nirmalagiri College)
  7. Mr. Shajimon.T.J (Nirmalagiri College)
  8. Mr. T.A. John (Nirmalagiri     College)
  9. Dr. N.J.Saleena (Nirmalagiri College)
  10. Mr. Jose M.V (NAAM  College, Kallikkandy)
  11. Dr. Joshy Mathew (Pazhasi Raja College, Pulpally)
  12. Msgr. Mathew M.Chalil (Chairman, IRISH)
  13. Prof. K.S. Mathew (Director, IRISH)
  14. Prof. Ginseppe Segalla (Padova, Italy)
  15. Dr. Leena More (Paris)
  16. Dr. Emma Maria(Goa)
  17. Dr. M.Manickan (Karaikkal,Govt. College)
  18. Dr. Stephen Michaelson (Germany)
  19. Captain Jose  Malhão  Perrera (Lisbon, Portugal)
  20. Msgr. Mario Morelato (Padova, Italy)
  21. Dr. Elena Hinshaw  (Switzerland)
  22. Dr. Joseph Palamattom(Germany)
  23. Maria Rutters (Germany)
  24. Rev. Fr.Geo Payyappally (Calicut)
  25. Rev. Fr. Cherian Thalakkulam (U.S.A)
  26.  Dr. Charles Dias (M.P. New Delhi)
  27. Dr. Joy Varkey (NAAM College, Kallikkandy)
  28. Dr. C.J. Davees (St.Thomas College, Trichur)
  29. Dr. Sr. Marykutty Alex (Nirmalagiri College)
  30. Dr. Francis Chirayath (Germany)
  31. Dr. Emmannuel Mecherikkunnel (France)
  32. Dr. Sr. Gracy C.C. (Nirmalagiri College)
  33. Rev. Dr. Jobi John(Assistant Professor, Department of History, Pavanatma College, Murikkassery)
  34. Dr. Lourdsamy,(Superintendenting Archaeologist, Bhopal)
  35. Professor Dr. E.D Jemmis,Director, IISER,Trivandrum)
  36. H.E. Rt.Rev.Dr. Sebastian Valloppilly (Late), Tellicherry